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Rental of electric bikes at Skarsnuten hotel, Hemsedal.

Why rent a bike?

Experience the majestic nature around Skarsnuten in the best possible way.
The battery evens out any difference in shape in the group, so that you can enjoy the experience together. The full suspension bikes can take you deep into the mountain or just give you a comfortable ride on the gravel roads.

Please note that the rental is unmanned in weekdays so you will have to collect, wash and return the bike by yourself, this will also give you the freedom to come and go when it suits you!

Which types of bikes?

  • Brand new full suspension e-bikes from Rossignol.
    Battery capacity: 630 wh and a motor which can give you up to 85 Nm.
  • Helmets are available for rental.

How do I find the way in the mountains?

1. Scan the barcode on the bike with your mobile phone.
2. Choose a trip that suits you from the menu.
3. A map opens up, you give access to GPS, then follow the trail live on your phone as you go.

When can I bike and what does it cost?

You can pick up and return the bikes when it suits you.

The price is 900 Kr pr bike pr day, (not 24 hrs).

Want to know more?

Feel free to send me a mail:
Whatsapp / phone: 004798405067

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